How does it work?

When you invest with Lighthouse you are allocated a percentage share of your selected portfolio. As the Lighthouse portfolios grow, so does your deposit value.

How does the algorithm grow the fund?

Lighthouse funds invest in altcoin futures markets. All futures contracts are bought/sold/traded using our in-house AI-driven algorithms. Using computers to buy and sell these assets allow for a much faster trading process, increasing the potential for profit. While this technology was originally only available to large hedge funds, our goal is to bring this technology to the everyday investor. These trades are typically very small in value and very frequent, trading up to thousands of times a day. This allows Lighthouse to capitalize on minute changes in the spot price of assets. 

What are the risks involved?

All investments carry a fundamental level of risk. Different investments will have different levels of risk associated with them. Lighthouse operates leveraged futures cryptocurrency portfolios which are considered very high risk. This risk however is proportionate to the return as indicated by the track record and projected APR.