Lighthouse charges a 0% fee for funds under management. This ensures maximum mutual benefit between parties.

A weekly performance fee of 30% (including GST) of the amount by which the weekly performance exceeds the High-Water Mark.  For the avoidance of doubt, the performance fee is charged at 10:00am Australian Eastern Standard Time each Tuesday for the previous week or part week thereof.

A High-Water Mark is the value of your holding above which CDZ Investments Pty. Ltd. (Lighthouse) is entitled to charge performance fee. If the current value of your holding falls below its highest charged level, the value of your holding must exceed that previous high before a performance fee is chargeable. 

Minimum investment is AUD$50

Additional investment: you can add to your investment at any time by transferring money to your investment account.

Redemptions can be made at any time – any outstanding fees will be due and payable immediately if the account is closed.